The Temple

nepenthe: I know everything about the temple, I saw it with my own eyes under the wailing wall in jerusalem.. the temple where The Priestess served/ruled sharing power with a congress of judges and representatives, not for the people, but OF the people themselves.. farmers, not lobbyists for farms, but actual farmers had seats with the richest physicians and scientists…It had grand rooms that housed laboratories for medicines and herbs, alchemy of metals and crystals, poetry and art and music served the communities and were high arts… mathematics and science were the blessings the priestesses bestowed on the people…truth in every single form, a building bigger than any other in the middle of town…the entire city served it…it had centralized democracy like we try to copy now, but cannot, because the bullshit individual idea we are constantly sold can never work in the interest of peace or love or harmony. We all need to forget that bullshit and know we are only here for each other……
hey, DR. OFAH, this is an idea!! Let’s raise the goddess!!! LET’S GO ALL THE WAY, AND STOP AT NOTHING… LET’S HONOR OUR MOTHER THE EARTH, and show each other how we will live better and longer that way!!! Its like earth day, only I want the word goddess in there, cuz I do not want to see this spiritual idea co opted by child molesting boy priests again!