Fact is God…

Fact is god. When you know the facts, you can see clearly. Hope and faith are Egypt, the land of slavery of the soul. When the twelve tribes escaped from Egypt, they did so because all hope was gone, and the fact was that they were slaves to Pharoah. Moses led them out, and they left because they had no hope and they had no faith that things under pharoah would ever change. They took the action that hope and faith deny. Only action brings change. Even the smallest action forces things to change. I first told jokes about George Bush in Vegas right after 9-11. People walked out, booed and I got banned from there. I kept on telling those jokes. I told them at Michael Moore’s rallies in universities all over the country. I took action against the bush/cheney regime. Jokes like the ones I told, and the ones other comedians told are the highest form of alchemy available. Today almost everyone in the country sees things the way I did and do now. I had a hand in changing the minds of the American people. I took the actions necessary. I had courage, not hope, I had fact, not faith. These things, courage and fact and action are the stuff of Truth, which is God. The evil people in power in this world keep selling the false ideas of faith and hope, because those things without fact and action, ensure slavery of the soul. It requires alot of horrific child abuse to create a being who lives by faith, and not fact.