Balanced Mental Gender

Gender is not sex, and not physical gender. It is the duality that exists in each person, and is mental. It is about energy, and balance inside the mind. The masculine principle is about giving out, expressing and “the will”. The feminine is about receiving impressions, and has a wider field than the masculine..it conducts the work of generating new thought concepts, ideas and the work of the imagination. The masculine is apt to act without restraint, order, or reason, resulting in chaos without the feminine.
The feminine, is apt to reflect too much and fail to Do, resulting in stagnation without the masculine.. when both work together, and in balance, they “produce”.. that is the real meaning of “gender”..to “produce”…
To keep both of these energies separated in people’s minds is what the “church” (powers that be) sought to do in order to prevent the people’s will to act…they set man against woman, and woman against other women…
To have BALANCED MENTAL GENDER is the way we recreate the world….again.. woman must act as intercessor to man (at this stage of the culture) on behalf of other women and their children, so that the man will “act” to protect rather than attack…this is intense energy info, and I am into sharing it….five minutes of meditation a day begins to erase cultural conditioning on inner duality.

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