The Wicked Witch Needs a Vacation….

Hey you guys, I am going on a much needed vacation for about two weeks, to check on my dream house location.. I am going to build my dream house…it will look like the wicked witch’s house and it is in a grove. For some reason I have always loved the wicked witch more than dorothy… I think I am the wicked witch in fact….I understand she has a right to her vendetta against dorothy, after all dorothys ignorance cause her sister’s death, so dorothy like oj,…is being listened to, and the victim’s family is derided…. there you go. If some little kansas type killed my sister I would want her to apologize, not steal her shoes and parade all over town in them, that bitch. It is not right to steal the shoes of someone who’s death you causededs’ sister!!!! Not if the sister wants them back! This was what I thought the wizard of oz was about…I freaked when I heard someone say its about no place like home…