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Roseanne explains Chanukkah

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Tulalip Resort Casino, February 6th – tickets on sale NOW!

Roseanne's return to her stand-up comedy roots makes an early stop in the Pacific Northwest - for one night only in the grand Tulalip Resort Casino's Orca Ballroom! Don't forget to check out the special package pricing that includes tickets to the show, deluxe accommodations, and a breakfast buffet! Get your tickets NOW! … [Read more...]



LET LIGHT UNITE! The 6th Uranus and Pluto square is next week on the 15th. Let's amplify as much light as we can. It is our destiny to have 25,000 yrs of peace. Let's make effort.LIGHT CIRCLE THURSDAY NIGHT 7PM PST. Let's negate the Nazi/4th reich energy and amplify all that is good on the planet. We deserve enlightenment. LET LIGHT UNITE!  Let's choose Divine enlightenment over WW3. By Cathy Bilsky and Roseanne Barr November 19, 2014 at 7:03pm The planets are lining up for some major movement and you...we.... need to decide what direction we want the earth and all life forms to go in. Uranus and Pluto are squaring off and are lining up for the 6thand 7th squares on Dec. 15,, 2014 and March 16,2015. When this happens the environment is ripe for revolution- and eventually a rebirth to a new way of life.....Divine enlightenment or a satanic planet...our choice. (I choose door #1 Divine enlightenment.) To put it simply the last series of squares between Uranus and Pluto took place between 1932 and 1934, during which time we saw the world face a great upheaval - ire. The Great Depression, the invention of the atomic bomb AND THE RISE OF ADOLF HITLER, If we can hold the Divine light-energy thru these last 2 squares we have an excellent chance of real world enlightenment. It's the white magicians vs the dark satanic luciferian magicians and who will hold the greater energy. We are up against Lucifer/Satan and his followers who want the destruction of the planet … [Read more...]



  Letter to the Erev Rav who know nothing about Judaism whatsoever, and who lead the attack on the Jewish People for selfish reasons, by lying to the Gentile World:   REALLY? You are aligning more and more with people who call Jews monsters to be destroyed after 2000 years of exile witch-burnings, Inquisition, Pogrom and Holocaust inflicted on their ‘chosen’ targets, the Jewish people? Really? You feel it is moral to express your sympathy for those who occupy all but a sliver of the middle east, those who stone women to death execute gays and rape little children, and GET AWAY with doing it, because child ‘marriage’ (polygamist pedophile cults) have a Priest class which absolves all pedophiles of criminal action against innocents. You’re that far gone? Really? You don’t ‘choose’ to see that condemning the Jewish people as a CLASS is a racist thing to do, though you also spout Marxist rhetoric regarding class? REALLY?   You believe that making Judaism illegal in every Arab Country is OK? Really? You ignore the Jewish Nakba-800 thousand expelled Jews in the middle east FORCED to move to Israel, since 1948-by violence and hatred, their wealth stolen? You scream and yell that there should be no harbor or rest for any of them inside a Jewish State, or anywhere else on earth? REALLY? You ignore the FACT that the Arab world did this to Jews AFTER AUSHWITZ? You ignore the FACT that those with whom you agree are now taunting Holocaust Survivors … [Read more...]


Cobb’s Comedy Club, San Francisco – February 13th & 14th

Roseanne is returning to her stand-up roots and her 2015 tour is bringing her to Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco for a 2-night, 3-show engagement February 13th and 14th.  Tickets are available NOW through Ticketmaster's online box office! … [Read more...]


Ambassador Ron Prosor:

November 24, 2014 Delivered to UN General Assembly at around 4:00 PM today (Nov 24/14) by Ambassador Ron Prosor.   Mr. President, I stand before the world as a proud representative of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. I stand tall before you knowing that truth and morality are on my side.  And yet, I stand here knowing that today in this Assembly, truth will be turned on its head and morality cast aside. The fact of the matter is that when members of the international community speak about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a fog descends to cloud all logic and moral clarity.  The result isn’t realpolitik, its surrealpolitik. The world’s unrelenting focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an injustice to tens of millions of victims of tyranny and terrorism in the Middle East. As we speak, Yazidis, Bahai, Kurds, Christians and Muslims are being executed and expelled by radical extremists at a rate of 1,000 people per month. How many resolutions did you pass last week to address this crisis?  And how many special sessions did you call for? The answer is zero. What does this say about international concern for human life?  Not much, but it speaks volumes about the hypocrisy of the international community. I stand before you to speak the truth.  Of the 300 million Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa, less than half a percent are truly free - and they are all citizens of Israel. Israeli Arabs are some of the most educated Arabs in … [Read more...]


opinion from Brian Crowell:

How Badass Teachers (BATS) Lost Their Soul; A Critique By Brian Crowell       My name is Brian Crowell. I am former member of The Research Team of The National Badass Teachers Organization. I am one of the organizing members of the new Badass Teachers of Color Organization. This new organization was founded by 14 members including co founder of BATS, Professor Mark Naison of Fordham University. This critique will be a technical critique of how the policies of BATS is inconsistent with its creation and how its response to the dismal election results forced a split within the organization of BATS. This analysis is not meant for any personal attacks but rather to show a direct conflict in policy prescriptions for current problems facing labor. I will not discuss non progressive views of certain members of BATS, as I think that will dissuade from the current crisis facing American Labor.   Critique 1. The National BATS Organization has no interest in restoring the true left and progressive roots of Labor. When presented with a resolution to restore FDR’s Second Bill of Rights as a primary platform of policy, the resolution was killed in the National BATS Leadership. Even though the resolution was very popular, and had much input from members of BAT leadership, the Leadership of BATS didn’t “want to offend NEA or AFT” by presenting them with the resolution. Given the election results and the difficult terrain for labor going forward I … [Read more...]


Divine Mother, The Matrona knows

that the Servants of Darkness have targeted mothers and their children. … [Read more...]