27 Oct: My Beautiful Israel ~ by Rabbi Avi

Have you ever spent the late afternoon watching the sun set over the Mediterranean Sea blend with the majesty of Zichron wine country or seen a pack of horses run along the Galilee?

Did you ever see snow fall on Jerusalem as the worshippers prayed at the Western Wall?

Have you ever seen Flamingos fly over the Arava or the Pesach Moon hang over the mountain of Meron?… Keep on reading

20 Jul: Roseanne For President 2012

Roseanne for President trailer will make you want her as Commander in ChiefYes, I actually did it, and I have the very-well received documentary to prove it! People who thought my run for The Presidency was some kind of desperate publicity stunt or was in any way less than serious are what we call, these days, Low info voters. I have five adult children and five grandchildren whom I want to survive and thrive in this great country, and my desire to grab the handle of this drifting ship of State was serious as a heart attack.… Keep on reading

11 Apr: a wonderful adept Rabbi writes to me:


RAISING THE BAR How a Hollywood Great chose morality over personal success

By Rabbi Avi Schwartz, Co-founder/Director of Shomrei Haam, (Guardians of the Nation – the New Palmach)

On the 18th of Adar II 5776, March 28, 2016, four days after Purim, legendary Hollywood TV star and comic genius, Roseanne Barr, took to the podium at the Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth anti-BDS conference.… Keep on reading