04 Feb: Power to the Peaceful! (by guest author Cathy O’Brien)

In a world where controlled media cameras stay focused on chaos, trauma, fear mongering, lies and violence, where is the voice of We-the-Peaceful?

Peaceful is not newsworthy considering the globalists in control of media are busy “covering” stories to further their agenda of socially engineering a nation into compliance. Violence, chaos, and fear render people highly suggestible and easily led by the voice of controlled media, whose deliberate NLP (neuro linguistic programming- language of the subconscious) is designed to trigger more violence, chaos and fear thus ensnaring more of u.s.… Keep on reading

14 Jan: All Gain; No Pain!

Award-winning actress, political activist, and comedian par excellence, Roseanne Barr is receiving rave reviews for her new, foolproof weight gain program that’s got people talking from Coast to Coast and as far away as Australia about the incredible gains they’re achieving while eating as much as they want of the foods they LOVE!… Keep on reading