15 Aug: from cindy sheehan,

whom I asked, “what would you do different than nancy pelosi?” here is her website:
Here is her answer:
“I would wrest this country from the control of the Military Industrial Complex (Dwight Eisenhower was going to call it the Military Industrial Congressional Complex, but it was changed before his speech)…I think we need to bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and cut back our military budget so it is not one that can be used to enhance the empire, but one for defensive purposes only.… Keep on reading

14 Aug: McCain – The Socialist Candidate. by Johnny

I’m not being cute with the Socialist tag. Has McCain ever had a job in the private sector? Repubs like to talk about their distaste for government but they sure cling to it for their paychecks and privileges, don’t they?
Limbaugh and shameless shills like him love to badmouth “big, intrusive government programs” but is there anything more bloated than the Military budget?… Keep on reading