16 Nov: A Plug for a Good Guy and a Class Act

Our friend, Tony White, has a big, tight, cooking band that’s out on the circuit rocking peoples’ events of all kinds. Tony is a terrific sax player, but more than that, he’s a for-real leader in the best sense of the word. In a tough business that’s gotten even tougher, Tony’s brought together a skilled group of world class players and singer/performers and is making things work, artistically AND professionally.… Keep on reading

14 Oct: Now THIS is activism with imagination!

If you get a few minutes, and want to see a brilliant, wryly-comical and utterly HUMAN artist/thinker at work – check out our friend, (and yours), Clam Lynch. He’s bringing his insanely-canny vision and talents to the political arena that is Anaheim, California. That’s home to Disneyland and some class war/politics that needs a close look.Keep on reading