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28 Nov: Test

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22 May: Miami Herald: Roseanne Barr promises an upbeat ‘Roseanne’ season finale

Roseanne Barr says the season finale of her revived and controversial ABC sitcom “Roseanne” will come to a climax Tuesday with the embrace of a hopeful principle.

“We’re wrapping up the season in a great way that kind of gives the idea that government can really help people. That’s something that I wanted to end on,” Barr told The Associated Press.… Keep on reading


22 May: LA Times: The spark that ignited the return of ‘Roseanne’

Around this time 21 years ago, “Roseanne,” the groundbreaking sitcom about the blue-collar Conner family, came to an end after a successful 10-year run. The notion that it’d be pulled out of retirement more than two decades later and become the success story of the 2017-18 television season would have likely elicited a Roseanne-like cackle from the cast back then.

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