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    Roseanne Returns to Lipschtick at the Venetian!

    If you missed Roseanne's first appearance at the Venetian's Lipschtick comedy series, you're in luck - she's back for a 3-show engagement in 2015! Don't miss your chance to see Roseanne live in the Sands Showroom. Tickets will sell out fast, so reserve your seats for the show before it's too late... … GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

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9AV: is about Two Trees of Conciousness-one concealed, one revealed-

9AV : the Day Intelligence Overcomes Racism-every single year! The Day that The Positive Force Defeats the Negative Force-every year! This is the Day of the Singularity-the most powerful point of creation, and of Light. The Negative Force unites … [Read More...]

25 years ago: Star Spangled Banner:

I meant no disrespect to the country and ppl fighting for the safety and freedoms of old loudmouth Jewish women. I'm sorry some saw it that way! Here is the full text of the interview I gave to the washingtonpost.com: My husband at the time, Tom … [Read More...]


The End Have you noticed how every tale about a little girl or boy on an adventure in a mysterious place, where it’s never quite clear if things are real or imagined, seems to return home with a lesson learned? I guess it’s fitting that mine … [Read More...]

Prayer works! Let’s do this! (Cathy Bilsky’s prayer circle)

http://fox5sandiego.com/.../storm-brings-wind-and-rain.../ Cold storm brings rain, snow to San Diego fox5sandiego.com Hey God Squad! Please join me in helping California get out of drought. Just add this energy work to your … [Read More...]

can’t find the author’s name but this is great-

Until you read the foundation documents of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) the Party of God (Hezbollah), the Victory Party (Fatah), and the Palestine Liberation Movement (Note that it refers to a place & not a people), your comments sound … [Read More...]

BDS BS: here r TRUE (not racist) FACTS 4 fake lefty Stalinists:

“… goods from Israeli settlements built on occupied territories in violation of international law.” 1. ‘Occupied territories’ How can these territories be occupied? They UN resolution of 29 November 1947, which called for an establishment of an … [Read More...]

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