IJR: Roseanne Opens Up About Working Minimum Wage, Sleeping in a ‘Cave’ — Her Criticism of Elites Is Spot On

It’s no secret that Roseanne Barr’s appeal comes from her ability to portray and resonate with the working class.

What her viewers might not know is that she went through much of what she portrayed on television.

While speaking with journalist Katie Couric, Barr explained how she didn’t have to do much work to try to portray her character on “Roseanne.”

“Well, I did all of that. You know? I mean, I had those jobs. I was a motel maid. I got paid minimum wage at that time, which was $1.75 an hour,” Barr said.

“I worked really hard all my life,” she added.

Barr described how she lived out of her car and slept in a cave during those tough times.

“I lived in a car. I slept in a cave,” she said, noting that she couldn’t afford rent.

When Couric asked about how the working class doesn’t receive respect in America, Barr lamented how some, presumably elites, kicked them when they were down.

“It also seems that there’s a lot of kicking them when they’re down too, which makes me mad,” she told Couric.

Barr’s show has become an icon of the Trump era in which President Donald Trump gathered support and seemed to champion causes for the white, working class.

Barr, who has repeatedly voiced her support for Trump, received criticism from some after she took a pro-Trump tone in her show, but it was a hit with viewers.

During her interview, she echoed the Trump administration in lamenting the plight of the “forgotten man.” When Couric suggested Trump went “above and beyond” in making “offensive” comments, Barr said that was how other people talked.

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