Cathy O’Brien – Author of TRANCE Formation of America

My name is Cathy O’Brien. Intelligence insider Mark Phillips and I are 25 year veteran US Government Whistleblowers on MK Ultra mind control and healing from it. Hillary Clinton’s perverse abuses of me were first released publicly in 1995 when the 1947 National Security Act was invoked on our sworn testimony for the US Congressional Permanent Select Committees on Intelligence Oversight. This testimony, which also detailed Clinton’s crimes against humanity, was compiled in our book TRANCE Formation of America.

TRANCE was written for and distributed among all members of US Congress and related agencies, and was never intended for the public due to its graphic content. Nevertheless, TRANCE spread like pertinent truth does, is now in its 14th printing, is being taught in major universities, and is in law libraries worldwide.

Mark and I are overwhelmed with emails inquiring why this perverse abuse of me by Hillary Clinton has not been broadcast by mainstream media. As this election year has clearly revealed, mainstream media (as well as social medias like Facebook) are controlled by the same globalists with whom Hillary Clinton is aligned. It is difficult enough for any truths that do not support her global agenda to be revealed through mainstream media, let alone truth bound by so-called National Security laws.

The 1947 National Security Act is threatening the security of the U.S. and our world when it covers up such crimes against humanity as those perpetrated on me by Hillary Clinton in the name of MK Ultra.

Indeed, it is time these truth came to light and Hillary Clinton was held accountable for her actions before she claims the office of Presidency as planned and further enforces controls over u.s. all. TRANCE Formation of America, as well as our second book written for the public ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security, and even our newly released self help manual that details the methods Mark taught me to heal from decades of robotic MK Ultra mind control PTSD: Time to Heal, all refer to our controlled media, contrived polls, and rigged elections that are intended to usher in the globalization agenda. Our three books*, speaking engagements, videos, etc, all spell out how the Bush-Clinton dynasties intend to accomplish this globalization goal through dividing the people and occupying the office of US President.

Hillary Clinton is already tapped to assume the office of President to complete this global domination plan. Bill Clinton ushered in NAFTA as a giant step towards this globalization, which was funded by criminal covert CIA Black Budget operations including his reputed Mena, Arkansas CIA cocaine operations.

What Hillary Clinton executed on me is only the tip of the ice burg of the heinous crimes she continues to commit under the cover of National Security. Focusing on Bill Clinton’s public perversion diversions rather than on Hillary Clinton’s blatant crimes against humanity only further emotionally divides the people, rendering u.s. easier to manipulate when we believe the other person is responsible for “electing” her. Think beyond semantics and ever-changing titles intended to confuse. Monitor elections locally, arm yourself with truth, raise your voices, and reclaim our United States. Make America Great Again! Prosecute Hillary Clinton!

*Numerous references to rigged elections are in all our books. Below are a few select quotes:

Quotes from our book ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security, published in 2004:

page 320
From my experience, I perceived Bill and Hillary to share a strong friendship and business relationship. Since I knew them both to be bisexual, the media hyped “affairs” could not be what they appeared. I called them a “perversion diversion” from the real crimes Bill and Hillary were guilty of. … Just as Bill went into the office of President as a “Democrat” to make the public feel they had a change from “Republicans” leading them into the New World Order, Hillary would be the illusion of change from male Presidents.

page 322
No, I did not believe in elections any more than did the politicians and world leaders I was associated with in MK Ultra mind control. Global elections were based on a much bigger agenda formulated by DARPA technology and funded by a few world bankers and global elite. Based on what I knew, Bush Jr. was expected to follow Bill Clinton into the Presidency, and Hillary soon would follow him, keeping it all in the family of dictators- unless people wake up, wised up, and elected to become actively involved in politics from the local level up.

page 323
I knew in 1986 that Bush Jr. was being groomed for the presidency while at the CIA MK Ultra mind control training camp on Mount Shasta. When he assumed the office of President in 2000 according to plan… the American people knew he stole the “election” in his Texan brother’s ‘home state’ of Florida yet felt powerless to stop him after the 9-11 trauma. Now Hillary is suddenly a Senator from “the world’s capital” of New York, ready to move into Presidential position as planned unless people reclaim their country and lives now.

Quote from our book TRANCE Formation of America, published in 1995:
page 161
Byrd and others I knew boasted he was one of those (corrupt power brokers) responsible for Bill Clinton’s being “chosen” … to the office of Presidency.
(US Senator Robert C. Byrd was head of Appropriations, my owner in MK Ultra, and mentor to both Bill and Hillary Clinton)

Quote from our self help manual PTSD: Time to Heal, published in 2016:

page 85
No one I knew in DC worried about elections, and campaigns were illusions for justifying their predetermined political positions. Political parties divided people as intended to keep them from looking behind the electoral curtain to the pre-rigged electronic voting machines built by the very ones they purported to elect. Divided, the people fall for the ploy that the other party is responsible for putting the same old dynasties in office. Limited perception with no inner communication among the people is akin to compartmentalized memory with no conscious thought.