RoseanneWorld Digest – 07/11/2016

Interview: Legendary Comedian Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr is a comedic icon and has made us laugh for decades. She’s worked with stars like Meryl Streep, John Goodman, John Waters, Bruce Willis and many more. Recently, she has gotten out of the limelight and into the presidential spotlight, running for president in 2012. With the release of her new documentary, Roseanne for President (now on VOD), we get to see her journey from conscientious objector to 2012 candidate. I was able to talk with her about politics, Trump, Twitter, marijuana and more!

Roseanne Barr Despises Hillary Clinton: ‘She’s in Bed with CNN and Saudi Arabia’

The 2012 Green Party presidential candidate and subject of the doc Roseanne for President! dishes to Jen Yamato about Trump, Hillary, and our corrupt two-party system.

Independence Day in America is a perfect time to reconsider the political life and career of Roseanne Barr, the groundbreaking comedian and actress who gave working class American women a voice in her long-running sitcom Roseanne and famously sang the National Anthem with great screeching gusto, smiling in the face of a judgy, booing nation.

In 2012, she made her first bid for public office in a big way, waging a dedicated campaign for the Green Party’s presidential nomination that surprised a lot of folks in entertainment and politics—not the least of whom was probably party favorite Jill Stein, who won the eventual Green Party nod while the comedienne nipped at her heels. Even then, Barr refused to give up: She ran instead on the Peace and Freedom ticket and managed to get on the ballot in three states, garnering over 67,000 officially tallied votes.