9AV: is about Two Trees of Conciousness-one concealed, one revealed-

9AV : the Day Intelligence Overcomes Racism-every single year! The Day that The Positive Force Defeats the Negative Force-every year! This is the Day of the Singularity-the most powerful point of creation, and of Light.

The Negative Force unites the ‘colonized soul’ of the 99%  in (un)conscious thoughts of the ‘inevitability’ of chaos destruction and death, The ‘Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.’-a manmade Tree.

Yet-The REAL force-The 1% concealed reality-The ‘Tree of LIFE’-the Force of Intelligence shrouded in Klipot (ten levels of negativity…concealing the nourishing nut of Nuvka) is REVEALED.

This is the beginning of the inward journey of letting Satan Babylon, separatism, ignorance, addiction to false reality, feudalism-fall. Celebrate, don’t mourn! Be a revolutionary-Trust that The Universe is 51% positive. Mourning that fact aids The Negative side. Don’t trust anything that comes from European Philosophies. Step away from Babylon. Let It Fall! B’aruch Hashem!