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Until you read the foundation documents of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) the Party of God (Hezbollah), the Victory Party (Fatah), and the Palestine Liberation Movement (Note that it refers to a place & not a people), your comments sound naive and simplistic. The documents clearly call for destruction of the infidel state on Islamic land and the slaughter of Jewish men, women, and children. Then compare them with the foundation document of the Jewish state. It calls for peace, reconciliation and cooperation for all the people in the region. Take a few hours to read these documents and then you’ll be better equipped to make intelligent comments.

Every other consideration is secondary to the core issues as expressed in those documents, i.e. Arab/Islamic genocidal intentions against infidels on Islamic land or Israel’s desire for peace and reconciliation in their historical, biblical, and legal homeland. Without addressing this crucial issue, people making comments appear to be naive victims of propaganda and misinformation at best or bigots for whom the Jewish state can never be seen in a positive light.

AFTER reading the authentic source documents, choose which underlying motivation and vision of the future is most compatible with yours. Be cautioned not to lose sight of these goals by falling victim to attempts to misdirect your focus with secondary issues, baseless fictional narratives, hurt feelings, and propaganda.

If you desire to pursue this further, read about the international law about the division of the former NON-ARAB Ottoman Empire at the San Remo Convention and that it was reaffirmed by the unanimous vote of the League of Nations. Every recommendation to alter the Jew’s right to declare sovereignty west of the Jordan River from the 1937 Peel Commission to the UN partition Committee in the 1940s was rendered null and void by the unanimous Arab rejections of them all.

While you’re at it, notice that you’ll find no reference to a unique and historically distinct people called Palestinians, not any Arab country of Palestine, nor Jerusalem being capital of any entity other than a Jewish state. You may even notice that there is no mention of a “West Bank” for the territories of Judea and Samaria until the 1950s. That was the terminology of occupation used after the foreign invaders called it the West Bank of Jordan.

Considering the aforementioned information, it’s clear that the Arab narrative of disposession and resistance to an illegal occupation has nothing to do with reality based evidence. The actual occupation ended in 1967 when the foreign Arab armies that invaded and illegally occupied former non-Arab Ottoman Empire Caliphate territory west of the Jordan River designated by international treaties for the Jewish state were expelled after a brutal 19-year occupation. Judea, Samaria, and Gaza were thus liberated.

Political correctness and phony unsubstantiated Arab narratives aside, that’s the unvarnished truth.

I truly hope that this will help you avoid further embarrassment in the future. Should anyone wish to reply, please provide real evidence- be specific- as to which statement of fact you contend is incorrect. Not replying is an indication that you agreed with everything in this comment. Of course, Revisionist Historians will attempt to change the subject or “shoot the messenger” since they have no evidence to offer.