BDS BS: here r TRUE (not racist) FACTS 4 fake lefty Stalinists:

“… goods from Israeli settlements built on occupied territories in violation of international law.”

1. ‘Occupied territories’
How can these territories be occupied? They UN resolution of 29 November 1947, which called for an establishment of an Arab state and a Jewish state in the part of the British mandate of Palestine (West of the Jordan river) was rejected by all the states in the Arab league, as well as by the Palestinian Arabs. Thus, that UNGA resolution is null and void. When the war between the Palestinian Arabs and the five Arab armies – and Israel ended in 1949, these areas were illegally occupied by the Hashemite Kingdom of Trans Jordan, which later annexed them, an act that was recognized by but two States in the whole world. So, when Israel conquered these areas in a preemptive was in 1967, these areas at worst may be called disputed – not occupied.
2. ‘in violation of international law’
The only prevailing International Law regarding the lands that were given to Great Britain as a Mandate by the League of Nations, are the resolutions of the San Remo conference of the 1920s, which assigned these for “a National Home for the Jewish People”. So, there’s no violation of International Law.