Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas 5775-6:

We, The fair minded people of the world, wish to experience our own Sovereign ways that are native to us, alive within our collective memory and not imposed upon us by Kings nor Their Priestclasses. We are The People who hold that each has an inalienable right to pray at the Sacred and Holy Sites of their own ancestors, without attack or interruption, without oppression, without debt or unfair taxes levied upon them, without being murdered as they pray, or driven out, unless in matters of urgency and NEVER without fair recompense.

We are also those who Cherish Freedom, and all that informs it-Fact, Science, mathematics, and their moral and technical application toward a viable system which work for all people, and not the few at the expense of the many.

We are those who believe that there are myriad ways, not just one way, to express a Celebration of The Divine Spark inside the human entity; that certain reflex which occurs in the involuntary nervous system, when the body’s hairs stand on end while beholding The Bow of Bent and Radiant Light, Prism and Arc, with the awareness of the meta-physical memory of Our Original Integrity, The Re-Connection to Source, and to The approaching Redemption/Transformation of all Darkness.