this is the darknest night of the year-the 5th night.

This is The Day when Empire’s loyal Jewish servant class can turn, and with remorse, rise to the Historic Destiny stripped of them by their Royal Masters. They can erase the debt of The Israelites to all banks which profited in any way from The Shoah or Terrorism, War or Slavery. Forgiving that Debt will bring Peace everywhere on earth. The Turning from negative 2 positive.  Debt Jubilee-redemption and redress in the stroke of a key or a pen.

May The One Who Resides deep inside the Sparks concealed within the Human Heart, The Ancient Of Days, guide these Words for The Merit of Its Own Name-May those Sparks leap to consume all doubt and cause The Most Merciful Activation of Intelligent New Systems of Economic Interdependence of Sovereign and Free Women and Men. This is The Time of That Necessity.