to miss texas, Becky Richardson:

thank you for fixing me up on this blog. I appreciate that. I now despise 140 char. twitter is full of pirates trolls and anti semites. #bored
However, if you are a banker, it is quite imperative that you listen to the words I am writing here, not on paper, but on blog-read by the eye and rarely spoken.
Here I use the Power at my disposal to call down the Treachury behind the waging of Armageddon upon this world. That is Matrix Programming of #Lemmingtude #UsingTorahforcollateraldamage. Torah will always Live. the Jewish people will always Live too-and they will live in the land of Israel-and they will rebuild The Temple of Solomon, and Islam will gladly assist the return of The Priestess of The Temple of Isis, ESTHER, Queen of Two Realms-the Priestess of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem where She had her own gate, called “The Gate of Shushan. Esther was a real woman, married to Xerxes.
As the Queen of Persia, she enacted terrible retribution and collective punishment on an entire Tribe. That Tribe was called The Erev Rav-the evil eye cast upon the Tribe of Saul, Israel’s first King. Saul was a pacifist, therefore a coward and an enabler of the worst thing on earth-those who wished his entire line to cease to exist. He left orphans, one of whom was Esther. Esther is a Transcendent Being, a Master of Magic Words spoken to Power, but first to Hashem himself, on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the only day when the Upper Realms can be fully aroused to Merciful Judgement, and it’s activation on earth, here, in the Realm of The Waters of Possibility.