The Last Chance For Hillary Clinton; Energy and Inequality

October 5, 2013


Ms. Roseanne Barr

Peace and Freedom Party

Activist, Writer, Producer, Actress


Secretary Hillary Clinton

Democratic Party

United States


Dear Madam Secretary:


This will be my 2nd letter for you in this calendar year. I write this letter in the context of the Government Shutdown and weakening United States influence around the world. Let us begin with the absence of Obama for the Asia Summit. As the Associated Press correctly notes the rest of the world is laughing at us or leaving us behind, while Wall St. squeezes the middle and poor class into serfdom. Let us also look at the Syrian debacle where elements of the FSA are in negotiations to make amends with Assad, while U.S. backed Al Qaeda Terrorist rape women and decapitate human organs. We can also look at the NSA Spying amateur hour where the Brazilian President slammed President Obama for his violations of State Sovereignty and the Equadorian President compared Obama’s speech to that of the 3rd Reich. Right or wrong the influence of America is waning and the question is whom will step forward to stop the bleeding?

Your legacy as Secretary of State? By any empirical measure an abject failure as you capitulated to the modern fascist dictates of Samantha Power and Susan Rice. You failed to solidify the reset with Russia, failed to get a new deal on the missile shield, and aided in turning Libya into haven for terrorist and drone attacks. Your stated goals to “institutionalize R2P” is falling apart as Latin American and eastern countries re assert their Westphalian Principle of Sovereignty based on Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa. China is pushing for a “New Silk Road” ( a policy of commerce and development ) while Detroit (once a powerhouse of industry) collapses. You also failed to make any inroads on the Israel/Palestinian conflict. Rather than reaching out to China, Russia, and India to persuade the Israeli’s you failed to embrace the rising powers and ended up without a deal. In effect Obama only brought you into the State Department to keep you locked in a cage, leaving you without any positive influence or any legacy to speak of. George Marshall would not approve. Thomas Jefferson would not be impressed.

What lessons did you learn from your failed Presidential Run in 2008? Lets start with the obvious lessons your learned incorrectly. First, capitulation to Wall St, City of London and Saudi Arabia is the way to win the nomination. (After all they bought Obama, maybe you think you should follow the same path?)Second, R2P is a good policy, (even though its concocted by Iraq War Criminal Tony Blair) ignoring nations sovereignty will ensure the United States will be in perpetual wars in to perpetuity. The Secretary of State is in charge of diplomacy, perhaps R2P’s purpose is to destroy diplomacy? Have you forgotten the causes of the 30 years war, 7 years war, and World War 2? Perhaps you think it was correct for the French to attempt to regain their colony in the Indo China War? (Vietnam War)

Yet with all of your failures, moral and ethical there is still hope for you. To your credit you have advocated for girls and women all over the world. For a short period of time you did attempt to sanction Saudi Arabia for their continued support of terrorism, money laundering and drug dealing against sovereign nations. In your youth, you did articulate the flawed thinking of the Vietnam War at Wellesley College in a famous key note address. It is clear at this point in time you are held hostage by partisan serfs who only answer to Wall St. Plutocrats and Oil Robber Barons. However, we on the progressive side of the spectrum realize that you know better, the question is will you DO better?

America is now on collision course with an ice berg. A health care system with no public option and an educational system shackled by test scores rather than teacher creativity. We lack the engineers, doctors, and scientist needed for a future, one that JFK spoke of. America needs a mission orientation of economics. We need an economy based on fusion, great water and irrigation projects, and fiscal policies of longer term investments. We need to greatly increase the funding of NASA, complete JFK’s dream of going to MARS, and increasing the productive powers of labor in the population. We need a banking system that serves the public good, and not just mobsters, banksters, and thieves that currently dominate Washington D.C. Most of the world (and rightfully so) has turned agains the United States, what are YOU going to do to reverse this trend. I strongly advocate some soul searching for you, and perhaps returning to your idealist roots depicted in your times at Wellesley and Yale.




Roseanne Barr

Peace and Freedom Party