Letter to Benjamin Netanyahu Dated 9-28-13

September 28, 2013


Roseanne Barr

Peace and Freedom Party

United States of America


Greetings Benjamin Netanyahu:

My name is Roseanne Barr. I am a Jewish American, actor, activist, writer, citizen of the United States of America, and I ran for President of The United States of America, coming in fifth place out of 52 candidates.  I am writing you to warn you of the Geo Political Implications of the Israel/Palestinian Conflict. I will first begin this analysis with some history, with which you may or may not be aware.

Israel was created by The Royal Family of the Queen of England. The purpose of this creation was not for a homeland for Jewish People. The underlying purpose was to create a permanent geo political destabilization policy for the purposes of enhanced territory of the Post World War 2 British Empire.

In accord with the assessment of IDF Intelligence, using Al Qaeda troops to attack Syria, creates a destabilizing effect for Israel and the whole region. Al Qaeda created by British and Saudi Intelligence can’t be trusted to overthrow Assad and is allies. The entire policy is fool’s gold and will only harm Israel.

To the current situation with Israel and Palestine, you must stop supporting Hamas as a puppet regime against the legitimate Palestinian Authority of Mr. Abbas. Such a policy weakens Israel’s relationship with the EU and other important allies crucial to Israel. Also, you must weaken the Ultra Orthodox Factions of Israel, who don’t represent the mainstream wishes of Israeli Citizens. To continue, making peace is in Israel’s long term best interests. I suggest you take extreme security precautions to not be killed like Prime Minister Rabin, when you serve the Jewish people’s best interests.

Lastly and most importantly, you must make tangible strides to develop the economy of your Palestinian Neighbors. If you don’t, Israel will follow the fate of South African Apartheid, which is good for the Queen of England but horrible for Israel!

To be clear: The Queen of England will DESTROY Israel for her own purposes. Tony Blair can’t be trusted, he will double cross you. If Israel is to remain a viable state in the Westphalian Tradition, Israel MUST make peace with the Palestinians on the 1967 borders.


Regards, Sir!


Roseanne Barr, Peace and Freedom Party