I have always been a gender outlaw

I have always been a gender outlaw and worked for the inclusion of glbtq ppl-because basically, I am one of them-it hurt me greatly that I was attacked bc of colleen francis-now that time has passed, my words make more sense to everyone. I have also been in the forefront for children’s rights & for abuse victims for decades as a vocal activist.

  I felt there was intersectionality in the colleen francis thing-which is the only time I have ever said: ‘if u have a dick u can’t come into little girls’ saunas’, which has been mischaracterized in a thousand generation of blogs.
  After the level of attack I received from ppl who obviously care very little for accuracy or truth, I have decided that I will no longer be the whipping girl that brings marginalized ideology to the mainstream. I resign totally from it due to liars, and misogynists. I have already received enough apologies from informed transmen and transwomen, so I need no more. a vicious impotent left has lost me.