2012 October

27 Oct: Obama Defends Finance Reform to Rolling Stone

Politics: Obama Defends His Finance Reform Record to Rolling Stone: A Brief Response
OCTOBER 26, 2012 | 10:45AM EDT

The new issue of Rolling Stone features an in-depth interview with President Obama. An interview with a sitting president is always an intense experience for any news outlet, but in this case the Obama interview offered us an additional surprise.… Keep on reading

24 Oct: Parents Post Embarrassing Photos on Social Media

Parents Post Embarrassing Pictures Of Themselves On Daughter’s Facebook As Punishment

The rise of social media has changed work, play — and many aspects of parenting. For some moms and dads, it has even provided new ways to discipline. In the latest edition of “I’m getting back at my child on Facebook,” one couple has taken to the social network to embarrass their daughter in a highly creative way.… Keep on reading