Some GLBTQ Activists are Complaining about My Campaign

Some GLBTQ activists are complaining about my campaign (without asking me to explain anything-jumping to conclusions after a lifetime of being an advocate for GLBTQ rights)-due to the purposeful mis-characterization of some tweets I sent. Some of them were indeed angry and offensive, and I have apologized for them. I was taken off balance by being called vicious and vile sexist words by quite a few Transwomen, who began a full campaign against me. It shocked me deeply, as a humanist activist feminist, children’s rights proponent, and candidate.

I want the entire GLBTQ community to view what was said to me and I’m compiling it. Then they can decide what they support. At one time in my life, 1978, I along with other women confronted the GL groups over their decision to include the group Nambla in their platform, and after we registered our disgust, they took a fair look at the facts, and were progressive enough to understand that their inclusion of that group would not be politically advantageous to their struggle. I feel that misogyny within their own ranks needs to be dealt with and called out now too-when they are depending on women’s support for ALL GLBTQ issues, including marriage equality.

The issue: I RT a link on twitter, which I felt illustrated an interesting intersectionality. THIS ONE STORY was about teenaged girls objecting to seeing a person with a penis in the sauna where they were showering and changing for an athletic event at a university.( Incidentally, the university chose the rights of the Transwoman over the teenaged girls, and removed THEM from the facility they were authorized to use, after they complained and asked the person to leave. The person refused and was supported, not beaten, not discriminated against, by the University). I spoke on behalf of the girls-the fact that they were frightened and confused, and yet actually graciously accepted being moved to a smaller room in the facility-proof of progressive thinking in Australia, where the incident occurred. Many tweets actually blamed the teenagers for “being ignorant” or “transphobic” -which I feel was a victim blaming mischaracterization too.

I RT this ONE LINK about ONE PERSON-it was NOT a blanket condemnation of ALL trans or ALL anything-it was about how intersectionality occurs. The subsequent onslaught of virulent nazi like misogynism directed at me was NOT deserved. MY POINT IS:-I’m compiling the VICIOUS and degrading tweets sent to me by TRANS (men transitioning to women)and their reactionary henchpeople. The level of their misogyny is akin to racist fascism from the nazi’s in 1930’s pre war berlin-The GLBTQ community needs to confront this and challenge it.

I’m for health coverage for trans ops and sexual reassignment surgery from age 8-in other words, I am MORE supportive of Transwomen and Transmen than the Peace and Freedom party’s own platform. I can’t accept that ANY kind of hatred should be excused anywhere.