Nora Dunn Writes

I think Ann Coulter should question Mitt Romney’s Americanism. Why did Mitt attend Brigham Young University? Young was the second charismatic prophet of the Mormon cult who founded Salt Lake City. He was as anti-American as he was anti-democracy and one of prophesies was that the United States would dissolve after the Civil War. He was a theocratic dictator, avowed racist, and rabid polygamist who ordered the massacre of 120 Arkansans traveling in a wagon train west through the dessert. The gruesome remains of these settlers, many of whom had been shot at close range and hacked to death, were discovered by federal explorers and buried. It took twenty years to bring anyone to justice. Brigham Young turned in one of his disciples who participated in the masacre, John D Lee, whom he called a “sacrifice”, and Lee was shot by the feds in 1877. Lee’s last words were that Young, whom he had never disobeyed, had deserted him. It was Abraham Lincoln who went after Young with a vengeance, considering him a threat to the union and to democracy. After Young died the next prophet finally relented and claimed God had told him to stop the practice of plural marriage. Many Mormon polygamists then left for Canada and Mexico rather than become Americans, and it was in Mexico where Mitt’s father was born. The source of this information isn’t unnamed, Ann. It’s documented American history. Fact checked