Roseanne on 750theGame in Portland Oregon

October 3, 2012, 1:38 pm

Actress, Comedian, Author, and now Presidential runner Roseanne Barr joined John on the Bald Faced Truth today. Roseanne was in town for a signing of her new book “Roseannearchy” at Powell’s, and stopped by the studio.

Roseanne obviously has a long history in entertainment, but off all her past professions, one in particular has stuck with her all this time.

“I like writing. This is my third book; I have two other New York Times bestsellers. I took a long break between my second and third book, but writing is what I enjoy more than anything.”

John also questioned Roseanne on her current run for President, is it a joke, or is she taking this seriously?

“I became an actual candidate for President of the United States on the peace and freedom party, and I am on the ballot in most states. That is not a joke, I am totally serious, and I am totally serious about my solutions.”

John and Roseanne talk about her upcoming signing at Powell’s Books, as well as the content of her new book “Roseannearchy”. Listen to the interview below:

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