From Jack Arnold Independent Candidate US House of Representatives 7th District of Tennessee

Ms. Barr,

I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out who I can feel good voting for on my presidential ballot in November, given that the President chose people to run the Fed and the Treasury primarily from his predecessor’s administration and from among the folks who helped spearhead banking deregulation during the Clinton administration (squandering what could’ve been a house-cleaning FDR moment). I ran across the fact that you’re running online and couldn’t help but notice a surprising amount of confluence between many of your positions and mine (I’m running as an independent for the U.S. House in Tennessee against Representative Marsha Blackburn and a Dem who jumped in, last minute, as an after-thought). That’s a long way around the barn to asking, “will you be on the Tennessee ballot in November?”

Even if you’re not, I’m seriously considering writing you in. Though I’ve drawn a lot of support from the Libertarian right of the incumbent and I respect Ron Paul for not speaking to lobbyists, etc., I’m not quite comfortable casting a ballot for the Libertarian (given the role that privatization and deregulation have played in our current quandaries). I can’t bring myself to check the box for the President again, and I’m sure as heck not voting for Richie Rich. Besides, I’m an Iraq War vet, so I have a hefty amount of respect for your running mate. Barr 2012 in Tennessee?

Jack Arnold
Independent Candidate for
The U.S. House of Representatives
7th District of Tennessee