The Wall: California/Arizona Action Protest October 6


On Saturday, October 6, 2012, people from California and Arizona will gather at Quechan Park in Blythe, CA to stand together to protest Governor Jan Brewer and her extreme, right-wing legislators who have stripped Arizona women’s rights to fair health care and reproductive services, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his neglect in failing to investigate over 400 sexual abuse cases against women and girls, and the recent implementation of the controversial anti-immigrant “show your papers” law, SB1070, requiring police to check the immigration status of people detained even for routine traffic stops.

Starting at 12:00 p.m., California women and men will descend upon the California-Arizona border town to offer their solidarity with their Arizona brothers and sisters who are suffering abuses at the hands of these extremists. The California delegation will build a cardboard wall representing their aversion to Arizona’s non-progressive policies. In a metaphorical “saving of our sisters,” the California delegation will then bring the Arizona participants “over” to the safer, progressive side of the wall. Together, Arizona and California participants will then tear down the wall in a symbol of their commitment to work together to stop human rights abuses in Arizona. The event will include a series of speakers from both states and will be filmed and made into a short documentary for Internet distribution before the upcoming November elections.

This event is being co-organized and co-hosted by Miss R*EVOLutionaries, a California based grassroots women’s political awareness and direct action group, and Independent Voices, an Arizona based grassroots group working to bring common sense and reasonable leadership back to our communities.

The public, including children, are welcome. Participants are advised to bring water, a source of shade and extra food in case of extreme heat.

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