Cover up of Kidnapping and Rape



Bernadine Kent will be a Guest on my Radio Show on Sunday 9-16-12 at 12:10pm

Dear Presidential Candidate Barr,

My name is Bernadine Kent. I founded Parent Advocates for Students in School with my husband James Whitaker to give a voice to the voiceless and found out along the way the biggest reason why these children had no voices, received no protection, had no civil, human or constitutional rights was because those rights were and are being systematically denied and stolen by threat of force using law enforcement, the judicial system, and secrecy – all paid for by us, the unknowing taxpayer.

After no one in the local media was willing to publish the story, we published the story we have linked below in a fight for justice for a 13 year old rape victim unlawfully detained in a residential institution. We consider the circumstances in her case as no different from the circumstances in the Sandusky case and the cases of the Catholic priest with regard to the cover up and allowing the rapists to remain free from prosecution, except for the fact that the victim is Black and the majority of the other victims will most likely be Black.

As painful and angry as it makes us, it is clear In the city of Columbus and elsewhere the rapes of Black girls do not garner the same media attention, political favor, or investigation. At the time of Tyshea’s rape, her rape was not only ignored, no rape kit was done to preserve the DNA.

Since law enforcement refused to investigate, charge or arrest Tyshea’s rapists or release Tyshea from the institution, we documented those facts and waited for a time when we could expose them.

We have since discovered during the same 18 month period Tyshea was kidnapped, raped and enslaved under the control of the child protective system, an article was published in the Northwestern Law Review quoting 700 other black families had reported their children had been taken into the system unnecessarily.

We have never wavered in our belief that this assault on our children, mostly minorities and mostly poor, fits the definition of domestic terrorism, and we believe Tyshea’s case to be the case that will pull back the curtain and expose this very real threat to the children in our Nation so I thank you again for allowing me to discuss this with you on your radio show.
as citizens, we may not be interested in the government but the government is interested in us. There can no clearer example of this than our children being sold as merchandise to balance a budget and keep the money flowing for the benefit of everyone but the child and the families they have destroyed.

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