The Jerusalem Voice Vote and the Un-Democratic Party

By Brian Crowell

What were each of those delegates thinking as they watched Platform Committee Chairman Ted Strickland assist the now fallen star, Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa, ram through changes to the platform over the screaming objections of the majority of the voting delegates? (If you have not yet watched the three-minute undemocratic action do so now:
Platform Amendment on Religious Issues Vote”

And why was Nerobama so desperate to pass this amendment? George Soros and his minions have financially cut off the Obama campaign; fearing Romney’s fundraising, Obama goes begging to AIPAC, and the price? Jerusalem as the capital in the Platform. The next day many delegates thought we were the ones who had led the objections on the convention floor, another sign that we are viewed as the sane solution to fascist insanity.

Behind the scenes of the media hype, many democrats were disgusted at the dynamic of this nonconvention. Many of those political bigwigs who made the speeches praising Obama, left Charlotte soon after. No late-night policy discussions and debates, no party suites. If you were not prepared to declare endless praise to the empty suit in the empty chair, why stay in Charlotte?