My Responses to Romney's Acceptance Speech


Romney: (@ 1minute/15secs.) :
“…And by my side I’ve chosen a man with a big heart from a small
town.” “He represents the BEST of America!”
Roseanne: “Mr. Romney says Paul Ryan has a big heart? This is how
he describes a guy who never met a social program he didn’t hate? Of
course, HE received Social Security benefits when his father died. He
used them to help pay for college. And, he’s referenced his Alzheimer’s-
stricken grandmother, who moved in with Ryan and his mother after
his father died – also a beneficiary of the social programs he now
Paul Ryan’s had a Gov’t job with steady paychecks and full
benefits since he was 29 years old, but this is a guy who stands by
the Republican mantra that says:
“I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to
the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the
Nice imagery, isn’t it? It sounds “BIG-hearted.” doesn’t it? I guess
he doesn’t want to drag the part that’s provided HIM lots of taxpayer
money and privilege into the bathroom and drown it. More than two
decades of a Government job and now he’s looking for one that
PAYS BETTER. SOME BUSINESSMAN! And, speaking of Business
and the Private Sector: His family’s gotten rich on Gov’t contracts!
Finally, just a word about the “small town” part. Will Republicans
EVER learn? No less a Republican than Colin Powell told Sarah Palin
to quit working that side of the street when she was campaigning with
McCain: Respected Republican Powell said: “With all due respect
to small towns – common sense tells you that MOST Americans
live in large population centers.” Can we stop pushing this gooey,
airbrushed idea that the real Americans are some kind of “Aw,
Shucks!” types who sit and whittle on Main Street in Mayberry? Tens
of millions of real Americans are mired in poverty and written off in
Romney: (@ 2:35) “Four years ago, Americans were excited about
the fresh possibilities of a new President. That President wasn’t the
choice of our Party, but Americans always come together after an
Roseanne: “Really? Republicans joined in and supported the
President? Most of us remember that one of the key planks in
President Obama’s platform and one that was overwhelmingly
supported by voters was Health Care Reform. The pledge to enact
that reform was always cheered loudly throughout the campaign.
After the President assumed office, though, from the outset,
Republicans seemed outraged by the very idea. They forgot what the
majority of voters favored; they were concerned with protecting the
interests of the big insurance companies who line their war chests.
Mitch McConnell has made it clear that preventing President Obama
from gaining a second term has been the number one priority of the
Republican Party, and it was plain to see that policy started early.
Americans always come together after an election, Mr. Romney?
That’s an interesting theory, especially in light of something that
House Majority Leader McConnell just said a few days ago while the
RNC was going on. He said he really doesn’t know what President
Obama is like! This is from a politician whose job is to work with
the President and get things done that the American people want
accomplished! And guess what? He went on to say:
“And I can’t predict what he would be like in a second term. But I
know this: he will not be able to do anything like what he did in the
WHAT? You say Americans come together after an election, Mr.
Romney? One of the highest ranking members of your Party is
already pledging NOT to come together after an election…BEFORE
THE ELECTION! I say, Shame on Mitch McConnell and the
Republican Party!