2012 May

05 May: Urgent appeal for funds – help overturn the unjust court ruling against the Negev Bedouins

Nuri al-Okbi

Dear friends

After a legal struggle lasting three years, the Be’er Sheba District Court rejected the appeal of Nuri al-Okbi, veteran activist for the rights of the Negev Bedouins. El-Okbi’s plea for recognition of ownership over the Al-Araqib lands, from which he and his family were evicted in 1951, was rejected out of hand by Judge Sarah Dovrat.

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03 May: Gary Coutin's Three Point Plan

Lawsuit will be filed in Philadelphia. Electoral college violates the declaration of independence. Declaration of independence is the law of the land. One document 1787 (Constitution – 3/5ths of a human) and one in 1776 (Declaration – all men created equal) both in the same room in Philadelphia. This is the issue that started the Civil War that Abraham Lincoln said that the Declaration was the law of the land.… Keep on reading


01 May: from Gary Coutin, ESQ:

The Electoral College violates the Declaration of Independence and the self-evident truths it expresses: The Declaration is the Supreme Law of the Land.

The Slaveholder’s Constitution of 1787 was written by slaveholder’s for a government of slaveholders for the benefit of slaveholders.

The Constitution not only established the government but it rigged the government for the benefit of the one percent of the people that owned slaves.… Keep on reading