My response to Dr. Jill Stein's thesis of the need for new US policy in the Middle East

Dr. Jill Stein demonstrates a firm grasp on the obvious, which is: that her opinions and solutions are based on failed status quo answers, have been in play for decades and do not work, and never will work.

As President, I will have the political wherewithall to actually NAME the problem that needs to be named, identified, and solved there. As a socialist, I say that the problem is Israel’s one percent, which is the exact same problem that we have here in America-they need to be prevented from sitting in seats of power in which they further enrich themselves by war profiteering and passing laws that promote slavery amongst the working classes who serve them in unjust oligarchic woman hating patriarchal systems.

As President, I will vote with the UN to include Palestine as a full state-that way the PA as well as Hamas will at last get what they say they want-AND-they will then come under the rule of International Law, where the entire world will condemn their incessant firing of rockets almost daily into their neighbors’ state.

I will organize bi-state studies and cooperation for women of Israel and Palestine to work together on bringing a more fair dissemination of water/housing/education/overthrow of patriarchal religions and concerns in Palestine-which is where the majority of Israel’s workforce lives-that is the dirty secret of the entire Haliburton Middle East scam in which the US/Israel/Palestine are ALL participants. I will also address the entire scope of redress, including the Palestinan right of return.

I will do the exact same thing in Israel too-help the women there unseat the sociopathic woman haters who arrogantly rule and ruin the great socialist dream that actually made the desert bloom as the rose, once decades ago.

As a Neo-socialist President I will bring “Roseannearchy” (resource based feminist economics) to the US and to the ME-the growing crises of water there will help make my plans timely and doable-people would simply rather have water than endless war, even if their ‘leaders’ do not have the intelligence to know this. I do, and I will quickly move past the thinking that belongs in the past and will never work to attain peace or anything else of merit.

I will press the Rothschild family to move the UN itself to Jerusalem, and make Jerusalem an International City-governed by a three way Tribunal of Abrahamics- Jewish, Christian and Muslim-and I will, encourage all parties to use private donations from Abrahamic billionaires to build a City of Human Cooperation, Love, and Dignity for all peoples who long for Just Cause/Just Law on Earth-where the true history of Jerusalem itself can be told-including the century’s old Jewish Longing for Utopian Law not poisoned by anti semitism or slavery can actually manifest and begin to exist on earth, and shine brightly in Peace forever.

I will demand that the US stop using the israeli people as its’ collateral damage for militarization by Haliburton in poverty stricken countries- (1 in 3 israelis live at or below the poverty line). I will also demand that the Vatican cease using the jewish people as its’ moral hostages in Israel as well. I will demand that Israel right every wrong it has been encouraged to make by the Heritage Foundation-the American think tank that should NEVER have been allowed to advise any Israeli Prime Ministers.
I will also demand that Israel pay its workforce livable wages and include them in its own government more fully than happens now. Two democratic states, not one- is my solution, not a long process of sanctions, boycotts, bogged down by lawyers and the professional classes.

I am uniquely qualified to sit in judgement of all three patriarchal religions, and to demand/direct their intelligence to move toward synthesis peace and justice for all, as I am a believer that each of these religions can be transformed by the women who bear the weight of living under their separatist laws/dictates/obsolete systems.

Hon PM Roseanne Barr [Green Tea], I agree with a lot of what you’re writing here, that women need to be empowered in Israel and throughout all governments. However, I do not totally agree with you on Hamas, because how do you know if the PA was elected under pure proportional representation (PR) which would guarantee that they are a democratically legitimate organization?

I have never been to Israel myself, but I believe we need to try to unite the Arabs and Jews in Israel under one secular state and one voting system, rather than segregating people in two different states.

One way to find out what the people there really want, is to hold elections which are the most democratically legit as possible. In other words, not the current Israeli election system, the D’Hondt parliament seats distribution system in which the maximum satisfaction level is 50% minus 60 votes because of the 2% threshold and party list system. The more democratically legitimate system would be like Norway’s, the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution. That way, any name garnering 1/121th (or .89%) plus one vote wins, with a much higher satisfaction level of 99.12% plus 120 votes.

Rather than having to be elected as a representation in Israel on the Arab List Party, Arabs could run as independents and get elected with a much lower threshold – .89% plus one vote. That would be good for women, pacifists, Hemp, Anarchists, Roseannearchists, Greens, Libertarians, and all kinds of other rank and file common folk.

Currently, the Israeli military industrial establishment parties can pretty much anoint chosen candidates, and independents can’t get elected very easily. The biggest few parties control the process, and they need to open the elections to all as equals, be more fair.

To me, segregating people into smaller unfair districts doesn’t solve the problem. In any case, small or large state, we still need to make elections fair. Just by grouping people into homogenized regions based on religion or ethnicity doesn’t help the situation get better IMO.