Gary Coutin's Three Point Plan

Lawsuit will be filed in Philadelphia. Electoral college violates the declaration of independence. Declaration of independence is the law of the land. One document 1787 (Constitution – 3/5ths of a human) and one in 1776 (Declaration – all men created equal) both in the same room in Philadelphia. This is the issue that started the Civil War that Abraham Lincoln said that the Declaration was the law of the land. This was settled on the battlefield. And the constitution was later reconstituted.

We’re not under the old constitution any more. We’re under a new constitution. He can’t find a single court that says the Declaration is not the law of the land. Even Dred Scott. It implies that it is but it doesn’t cover the African Americans because they were brought here as articles of commerce as property. That is the slave-owner point of view but that decision was never overturned. Dred Scott is still the law of the land. But Dred Scott does accept that the Declaration is the supreme law of the land — but it qualifies it and says that Africans are not people and the Declaration wasn’t intended to apply to them. Well the Declaration says that “all men are created equal” and all means all.

That’s the essence of the lawsuit and it’s never been involved. He will file the lawsuit in a state court in Philadelphia testing whether the Declaration of Independence is the supreme law of the land. Filed July 4th.

The argument is 800 pages long. He’s going to have to get it printed and copyrighted before he files it. Gary doesn’t have any dates in mind.

THE SECOND part of the litigation would be to file another lawsuit in West Virginia. And the West Virginia lawsuit is that under the old constitution West Virginia doesn’t exist and shouldn’t have any electoral votes. The old constitution said that no state shall be divided and Virginia never agreed to be divided.

Gary started working on this in the year 2000 the day after the election. “I knew then that the Electoral College was the enemy. It was plain to see. Everything looked fine, the future looked bright. Al Gore had a half million votes more and the the Electoral College reared it’s head and bankrupted the country.”

THE THIRD lawsuit has to do with the fact that when the Republicans were fighting the Civil War, they changed the Enabling Act — the statute in which congress enables a state to be formed. It started with Nevada in 1864 and every state after that every state should be consistent with the Declaration of independence. In other words, the Enabling act admits that the Declaration of Independence is the law of the land. He went to Nevada and filed the lawsuit four years ago and they changed judges on him. They took away the black judge and gave him a woman from Virginia. When he said “of by and for the people,” she said “that’s just a politician speaking.” “I want to take away the electoral votes of all the Rocky Mountain States because the electoral votes contradict the declaration of independence. You take away the electoral votes of all those Rocky Mountain states plus Alaska and Hawaii and the Electoral College will collapse.

He wants to hold a press conference in each of those states and start a mass movement of people filing lawsuits against the Electoral College. He wants to start this movement before this election.

“I’m working for the people of the United States and they don’t even know it. The powers that be put me in the dark and the press won’t cover it.”

The electoral college was designed to put the slave-holders in control of the government and the slaveholders were the 1%. At the time of the Civil War, there were only 300,000 actual slave-holders and the U.S. population was over 30,000,000. They were the 1% but they controlled the whole government — supreme court, half the senate and 2/3 of the democratic party. That was the original 1%. As the country became more industrialized, the capitalists fought it out with the agrarian south. … The emergence of the majority is what caused the Civil War.”

The constitution was a dictatorship. There was no bill of rights. They only reason we have the amendments is peoples the people would not pass a constitution of dictatorial powers without the bill of rights. It was a dictatorship.

I’m completely out of the mainstream. I’m challenging all of academia and the whole legal system. The only person would would understand me is Abraham Lincoln. What I’m challenging is the whole accepted view of the history of the United States. To me, it’s obvious, but it’s against the established way of thinking. I’m like a stranger in my own country. The electoral College is unconstitutional. And the country landed in the hands of literally an enemy who sabotaged our country and our well-being. The upcoming election is a sham election. We’re still operating under the Electoral College. It doesn’t matter how you vote in California and Texas. Two thirds of the peoples’ votes already don’t count. That’s a sham election. As they tell us on ABC, “Your Voice, Your Vote.” What a crock of shit. Only if you’re in a swing state. I want to change the entire dynamic. All the votes count. Every vote by every American everywhere counts — if I can knock out the Electoral College. Is that having an impact? I think so.”

Men in Black broke his ribs while he was homeless in San Francisco. Made his way down to Orange County where he was sleeping behind grocery stores and parking lots, etc. He’s been homeless for ten years. “My case was going to the Supreme Court. They had to stop me. That’s when I became homeless.