twitter nightmare is over-

I accidentally RT an address (it was incorrect thank God) on twitter-I hit RT instead of reply and immediately (within ten seconds) deleted it and apologized-I was attacked by racist filth for days until I defiantly said maybe I would show up in Sanford to peacefully witness and protest the arrest of George Zimmerman-tonight the guy who sent the original tweet to me admitted that he rt my ten second mistake, so I RT that, not understanding that his tweet was connected to the original tweet that gave the address. I have not really slept at all since I made that initial mistake, and now it appears that i have unwittingly done the exact same thing again-I deleted my account, and admit that tweeting is beyond my intellectual capabilities-I’m too old for it and it’s too scary a place for me. I will not be returning there. Again, I apologize for the mistakes I have made. 

  For anyone who seeks to contact me or send me links-this website is where I will be writing-I can operate it pretty well and I have interns here to help me do that-