Operation Liberty Bell


Gary Michael Coutin, Esquire

600 West 19th Street, # F10

Costa Mesa, CA  92627




This is to announce Operation
Liberty Bell, a project to establish the Declaration of Independence of 1776 as
the “Supreme Law of the Land.” 
This objective will restore the Republic and return to the people of the
United States the power to elect the Executive Branch of the government of the
United States as a matter of sacred right.  The project will involve a suit in a court of law against the
Electoral College to declare null and void all laws relating to its
establishment and enforcement. 

 My program incorporates
the plank of the Republican Party of 1856 and 1860 to conform the Constitution
of the United States to the Declaration of Independence.  A statement of this project is set
forth online at her website, Roseanneworld.com


Since the year 2000, Gary Michael
Coutin been an attorney and a party in a number of lawsuits challenging the
Electoral College and its constitutionality.  
The theory of the litigation has been the subject of
several mini-movies posted on youtube.


The Electoral College is inconsistent with
and repugnant to the Declaration of Independence of 1776 and is therefore null
and void.


The Electoral College is a violation of the
Voting Rights Act as it denies, debases and dilutes the votes of the citizens
of the United States for the President of the United States.


Therefore, every citizen of the United States
has a right and a duty to sue the Electoral College and to attack its

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