the crux of my campaign-to rid america of rule by 1%:

The Electoral College is the key to the entire analysis and not just an isolated reform.
The Electoral College began as a device of the one percent.  Only one percent of the people (at the time of the Civil War) owned slaves.  Through the virtual representation of the Electoral College slaves created votes which their white slave masters cast to determine the highest office of the nation.  Control of the Presidency gave the Slave Power control over the Supreme Court as well.  That’s how Dred Scott got written.
The Slaveholder’s Constitution was rigged to put the Slave Power in control.  Slavery got two square miles for every square mile added to free states up to the admission of Texas even though the free states had twice the voters as the slave states.  Texas was admitted as a slave state with five times the expanse of the free states at that time. 
The Electoral College reduces the 99% of the people of the United States to the status of slaves as they lack the power over their government.  Through the Electoral College, 538 people (one half of 1% of 1% of the voters) have the right to elect the President while the votes of all the other people are treated as trash.  The Electoral College provides for equality of votes in only one respect.  The votes of the American people are equal only in the sense that our votes are equal to zero.  If we cannot elect our Chief Magistrate we are but slaves.
The Electoral College is the means by which the aristocracy elected a Monarch in the Holy Roman Empire.  The Electoral College is not democratic; The Electoral College is not republican; The Electoral College is a relic of feudalism. 
The Electoral College is the reason we don’t have universal health care.  The Electoral College is the reason this country is bankrupt.  But the country is not bankrupt.  Only the political system that creates the government that controls it.   
Gary Michael Coutin, Esquire