Maritime Law:


written by a Pope, centuries ago-Maritime Law supercedes all other Laws on earth, including all Constitutional Law, as well as Common Law-it makes moving living human slaves legal on all of the world’s waters-the singular act that allowed The Slave Trade to exist and to prosper–at its core, Maritime Law claims the Catholic Church’s Pope owns every soul on earth-including after the death of the host- body-this is completely UNJUST-I PROTEST!!

‘-that a rich and powerful man (in a dress) would own all human souls even after their death- is necrophilic! You cannot own a soul after it leaves the body! I know that the reason u spread these lies is to keep children in fear-the fear that their souls cannot be saved from a priest class of pedophiles (vampires).
  MY FIRST ACT AS POTUS: I will challenge Maritime Law with lawyers appointed from the Hague, and International Law will take its place above Maritime Law-this is what I know must be done in order to manifest a NEW AGE OF MERCY, AND JUSTICE-PEOPLEISM!! 
  I AM RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-AND MY IDEAS DESERVE TO BE HEARD. THE TOWER OF BABBLE THAT OBSCURES TRUTH (G0D) FROM THE PEOPLE OF EARTH FINDS MY IDEAS IRRELEVANT-which I gratefully thank them for-the opinions of dunces, and colluding idiots whores and pinheads will not deter my mission!