of course the media will censor me–

 Repost:  June 21, 2011 3:57pm




but i am still going to run for president of the usa.  All I want is for americans to hear of my solutions–i have spent many years thinking about them–and I want to add them to the marketplace of non ideas that currently cause all the problems in this country–my ideas are common sense based, and are cheaper than any of the solutions coming from either the right or the left–they address real problems and solve them on behalf of taxpayers, and not double dipping greedy representatives or bought off judges or corrupt sociopaths in power who are slaves of banksters.  My solutions work.  I am sure I will be attacked and called crazy and all the other stuff they like to call me, but if you will take a moment to read my platform and my ideas, you will plainly see for yourself that I do mean to save this country from the criminals and deviants who now run it, and are killing it, and Israel.  My solutions were given to me in meditative (prayer) state of mind–they are direct from Higher intelligence not known to many on this planet–you will be able to surmise for yourself if these solutions are righteous and workable.  Read my words here and listen to my speech–I am not going to sit idly by just because I am rich and old and comfortable while all those whom I grew up with and admired for being heroic working class people are further destroyed by evil greedy pirates.