readers here write:

Just when you think the supposed leadership of this cuntree couldnt “sell us down the River” further, enter #NDAA! Welcome to the Gulag, The Penal Colony of French Guyana, etc. Yall catch my drift? We are all Bradley Manning Now, or we could be! Can this totalitarian legislation be the all- amerikkkan answer to the rabble rousing #OWS groundswell? Now we can expect to see peaceful protesters peppersprayed, herded up and detained indefinitly down in Gitmo for the highly recommended waterboard facials. We the people, have becme we the potential indefinite Internees! When did exercising yer first and third amendment rights become a crime? We cant let these corporate tools wipe their overpaid arses with the constitution. We are not being represented by these bodies of government. Instead they are planning for our incarceration, and eventual complete subjugation. Will the interment camps have national health care? maybe theres a bright side to this Martial Law-Police State we are now living in. I seriously doubt it, though. Next task for operation CrushControl is dismantling the Internet, whilst Raping the Earth of every useable animal, mineral, or plant. When this strafing of our natural word is complete,” they” will jump in their space rockets and populate/dismantle another world? We the people, are not the enemy, we are the answer! Start growing food people, saving water, and try to simplify yer lives. Why are we being treated like the enemy, when we have done nothing wrong. Peaceful Protests against a Corrupt System do not warrant this Fascist Crack Down. The conversion of our Police(once peace)Officers into Paramilitary Storm Troopers, complete w drone surveillance,and other tools of War, to crush us into conformity and submission, is horribly ironic. Taxpayer dollars squandered on our own systematic subjugation. I am choking on the Irony. Lets fill those Shiny New Private Prisons with cheap labor! If you refuse to work in interrment camp/prison, you get solitary confinement, just like Bradley Manning. “cuz its a Hard Rain’s a gonna Fall!

Obama and his media accomplices have tried their best to play off his ‘veto’ threats as being out of concern for the constitutionality of detaining American citizens indefinitely and without any kind of constitutionally protected right to due process. But that’s not the case at all. Obama is no longer threatening to veto the bill, and it still contains the ad hoc legal framework to allow black bags to be thrown over the heads of American citizens and have them whisked away from their homes to some unknown location indefinitely. Things have changed indeed… Video: