it is ridiculous NOT to believe that our minds have power

if we don’t start thinking that they do, they won’t get into gear! focus and determination CREATE will! there is nothing stronger than the focused and collective will for justice. there is enough money on earth to take care of all people, if zpg is achieved in this generation–old folks need to party harder! #saygoodbyeboomers! Wall St is heavily invested in the life insurance policies of its own damn kids!  Now, thats when you know your system is out of wack and unfixable-it has gone so far as to bet the house of everyone who works for you and get a payout upon their deaths.  that’s what the dirty thirty came up with to screw enough people over in their unrighteous scammery and plunderous pedo priesting of artifacts of lourdes. Her intelligence shines forth in all green and living things-that which has a soul-anything connected to the holiness of life itself. ,