cathy bilsky, who disagreed with my war on satan, now has become a roseannearchist:

Prayer to
help the U.S. Awaken
Catherine Bilsky& Dr. James Wong

Let there
be light; In the name of the presence of God, which I am, through the magnetic
power of the sacred fire vested in me, I command;

there be a golden light energy descending down into and around all Domes,
Obelisks, Pyramids, Kivas, Heiaus, temples, chapels, churches & all sacred
mountains and waters in the United States. Anchoring that energy down to the
grids & lay lines. See this High life energy reconnecting all this,
clearing the air in the wind, lay lines & grids to the Creator. See this energy
descending down around and thru the White house, Pentagon & where the
shadow government resides.

I, call
to the Higher Selves of everyone, known and unknown, seen and unseen in and
related to the United States Government to step forward into the Light, Now! We
call the Goddess of truth into your lives bringing  all that you are doing
up to the surface in a way the masses see it and are Divinely inspired on how
to correct it in a non-violent way.

I do
decree that the Higher Selves of all politicians now be filled with a Divine
Holy Spirit that will glorify and reflect the power, the beauty, and the Grace
of God for the good of all the people in the United States and the Rest of the
Worlds, making Divine decisions. If they choose not to, which is their free
will, I ask their Higher Selves, spiritual teachers and guardian angels to put
them in positions of total harmlessness, letting Light Workers take over their
workplaces and duties. I ask that they are given lots of inspirations,
information and thoughts that they now want to retire from the Government
positions and spend time in spiritual developments, with new understandings,
environmental issues and their families.

I, send
grace, peace, and harmony life energy to all the politicians that are involved
with stopping war, everything nuclear and standing up for the benefit of earth
and all life forms. See them being Divinely inspired with new skills and paths,
that will strengthen their wills and focus to get positive action moving
forward. I command all the angels to enable this and give them and their
families’ complete protection.

I ask
that all veils of darkness including the veils of war, greed, chaos, hatreds,
jealousy, fears, ignorance, gladiator mentality and world dominance that is
around anyone in the United states or anywhere in the planet Earth that is
keeping people from becoming conscious beings be removed, and open their Divine
brain, replaced with a connection to their spiritual selves becoming super
conscious beings.

See the
United States pull ALL militaries out of all foreign countries, NOW. See this
being done with much happiness and joy for all people. I, call to the Higher
Selves of the members of the National Guard & military personnel, asking
all overlays be removed from you so you too become reconnected to your Higher
Selves, the super consciousness and that you becoming awakened spiritual
beings. As you awaken you see your family, friends, and relatives as people
that you harmonize with and start doing many acts of love and kindness for
humanity. You start seeing people in your illusion in foreign countries as
parts of your mind, your body and your family. The more acts of love and
kindness you do the more you fill up with this intense Divine Joy…which
places you in a space of humility and wanting to do more acts of
considerations, love and  acts of kindness.

down all walls and veils allowing the power and truth to be lived. See Divine
Light, Love, Peace and A Divine Balanced Spiritual awakening descending down
thru the United States, NOW..

So be it.





To help
those in the military & police to shift to a higher consciousness

by Cathy

I call to
the Higher selves of everyone in the military & police to help you step
forward in the light ,reconnect with the creator and become conscious beings.
See all the protesters as your family , friends, aunts, uncles, sons and
daughters and lay down your weapons, choosing not to hurt nor harm anyone.


We ask
the Divine to awaken your spiritual being allowing love ,compassion, kindness,caring,peace
and Divine love to flow thru your body, mind and spirit.


We call
to all elementals of war that we now cut you free from your masters, cleanse
with the violet flame, reconnecting you to the Creator. and command you to be
neutral. to misfire, not work, go off course and choose not to hurt nor harm
any life form.


We send
lots of  protection, light and Divine inspiration to those peaceful
protesters. See all religious groups coming together and working out a Divinely
inspired MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL plan for every one in the country.


See all
their equipment breaking down and not functioning.


Divine- peace- calm- brotherhood-enlightened inspiration for putting together a
balanced government descend around every one NOW…and continue to flow 24/7
365 days a year.

 So be it!