when america's sons and daughters forfeit their student loan debt

and become too poor to keep their homes and pay their rent, then bankers make a profit!  this is what free markets means: the sale of flesh and blood. If there are any Jewish people involved in the bank scams, you better repent now or before Yom Kippur and get out of the markets and divest, or you will be causing the harassment of jewish people who live in working class neighborhoods all over this country and the world. All of my life as a working class jewish girl in Utah, I was bullied for the real and or imagined sins of the Jewish people.  I want people to know that as I saw with my own eyes, most of the nyc and la protestors are young and jewish.  G0D bless them for being on the right side against wrong. 

Jewish Bankers must pay back what you stole and repent.  Same for you christian and muslim bankers, and you agnostic atheist or what have you investors/bankers/insurance whores.  divest of war before Yom Kippur. I no longer have dollars, i have invested most of my wealth into farming and women farmers-women now are over 60% of the world’s farmers!  that is so good-Female Intelligence knows what is good and how to solve problems cheaply.