I send you LIGHT!

How you know you have received it: You begin to have feelings of empathy, and the hairs on your arms and neck stand. Receive It!  It’s free!  It changes everything.  Meditate with me this Shabbat- I will be in Philadelphia, with a core group of women who KNOW.  You will feel us at the usual time-from Sundown friday night through High Transcendental Time-2-3am.  Yes, we will do battle with The Dark Matter in the brains of the Vampire Class. Light burns vampires. We are building a vessel to contain Light, to direct it and to focus it, like mental Tesla. G0D is the Will of the People, United!

    we will meditate instead of pray.  these things i am telling you I see and feel, I know.  We are evolving to the next level of Mind. 
  The Dark Matter is receding and Light is descending. Join me at the Isabella Friedman Retreat this weekend. If you KNOW, SHOW. We will change the world this weekend.