There is nothing to fear:

 The Jews are leaving Israel in droves and going to Germany. I say stay and fight!  I am going to come there. Jerusalem is ours and it cannot be taken away from us or we will no longer exist. The Jewish people have every right to exist any and everywhere upon this earth, and you cannot come against that idea any longer, Satan!  You are those who want to destroy the jewish people. Who are the Jewish people?  They are those souls who desire Light.  Fall Babylon! Fall Satan. Fall unconscious MORTALITY. 

  To all those who desire Light:  vampires attack you because they feed on your fear, your ptsd, your internal fragmentation.  They are making you fear them, but–they are so small in number, that there is no actual reason to fear them.  We have already won by the vastness of our numbers alone-remember that.  Vampires cannot live in Light.  They need their dark coffins/corners so that they can jump out of scare people on tuesday nights.  Kabballah teaches us this.  Light burns vampires. Burn them-they gotta go.  there is no loving a vampire, kids, despite the propaganda they are shoveling at you right now –vampires do not love, they feed on your blood instead.  vote for me 2012.  I have the Light of Hashem in me.  I share it with you.  I can fix this shit!