mind control causes fixation upon irrelevant points:

that is another term for “american politics”.  Irrelevant to women.  Obama was used to get rid of Hillary because that fractured the woman’s coalitions that existed up until that point.  Tons of the women who supported Hillary defected the democratic party at that time–I called it a feminist purge years ago, and that is exactly what happened.  Those who defected the democratic party began the tea party, and many of them support Sarah Palin, daughter of Satan.  I am praying that they will instead elect me, because I am a feminist, I am pro life after 18 weeks, and pro choice before that.  Deal with that you right wing demopublican assholes!  its about nothing more than this: jobs and health care.  It’s not about G0D!  It’s about LIGHT!

a reader here writes: 

  “Tell it like it is Ms. Barr!!!!! I will be campaigning for you, not as President BUT LEADER OF THE WORLD! Only you can fix this shit hole we exist in. No jobs, no help no hope just darkness. You and I are the same age and I’ve worked hard all my life, but through no fault of my own I lost my job, had to sell my house, now my savings are all gone and I can’t pay my rent AND THERE ARE NO FREAKIN JOBS. No one in this stupid government gives a damn about me or the millions of others in the same situation. I’m not joking, you need to get out there and change the conversation from “you wanted girls to get an HPV shot” to ‘HOW MANY NEWLY POOR PEOPLE WILL IT TAKE BEFORE YOU ALL WAKE THE F&%K UP?” Thank you for the opportunity to rant. Love ya, always have and always will”. KrazyBitch