as soon as jews stop attacking other jews, the messiah will come

jews love to attack other jews for a variety of reasons, all of them are wrong however.  You need to love those members of your family who are not good too, but you need to be able to get away from them too if they are toxic.  Lots of Jews who are not connected to Jerusalem are leaving as more and more Jews who are connected to it make aliyah.  Jerusalem is where MY Temple of David exists. I saw the Temple with my own two eyes.  I saw the cobblestone streets uncovered underneath the wailing wall.  My life exists for no other reason than to help the wisdom of Cleopatra (Grandmother of Batsheva, wife of David)reach the women of this sphere.  I am mad at Mel Gibson because now I can no longer use my assumed name, Judith Macabee.  or can i?