completely racist PLO, Hamas, turns my stomach:

  I have to say I was totally wrong–and I am no longer any kind of a supporter of any kind of lefty ‘solution’ for the complete racist anti-semitic government of Hamas, or Palestine. You sick twisted bastards are everything that you claim to hate.  I wanted to see Israel take the higher road, and was upset about ‘illegal’ settlements by Israel-however I have completely reversed myself on the whole issue and realize that there exists no possibility for higher ground whatsoever.  There is no hope at all for peace, until Arabs start to care for their own people, instead of hoarding and blaming Israel for the problems that they themselves refuse to solve. 
ethnic cleansing of jews by Arabs:
i’d like to add this to the thread: Homophobia is the absolute last TOLERATED prejudice. ‘Sexist Cleansing’ happens everyday. So for those Blacks, Jews, Arabs, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans,and anyone else i’ve missed who have suffered injustice because of the color of your skin or the religion you partake in, please on my behalf except my heart felt apology for the intolerance of my fellow sister or brother. Most are coming from a long line of murderous plunderers who keep coming back to earth to repeat their mistakes and have taken an enternaty to evolve. but while you victimize yourselves with your experience of injustices, ask yourself, how does your community; not just you, but your people treat homosexuals in your parts of the world as a whole? Are they excepting and loving of homosexuals in your churches, synagogues and mosques? In your neighborhoods? Is there affirmative action at your job that hires a required amount of queers to be….”fair”? Or are there not enough gays in your town to even notice? Maybe it’s just best not to ask? My point is: Homosexuality is the racism you can’t see. We queers come in every shape size and race packaged on this FINITE EARTH. For every race that has been oppressed since the begining of time, you all have done your equal share of oppression to your own race as well. ~just sayin