2am shabbat shalom:

Meditating for Light to reveal itself to all who are a part of this circle–scanning the horizon to focus and reach and commune with all who are doing the same or who desire to do the same. Sending feeling welcoming expanding Light inside and outside –charging positive transforming negative–no separation no negativity in any of the ten levels of Mind.  Breathe in deeply and then out to clear out negativity.  Locate the crown of your head–take in a deep breath -for a ten count (ten seconds) -thru your nostrils and think about the crown of your head as you do that–it’s your connection to cosmic information.  hold the breath for ten more seconds–think about that breath filling your head, throat, lungs and trunk–let the breath go for ten more seconds–blow it out and think about how breath comes in as oxygen and goes out as waste-carbon dioxide that feeds trees and plants.  

  Rest for a minute–let your thoughts go.
  repeat this–again–rest another minute, repeat this again.  You have just begun to build a vessel –the breath you are taking into your body is Holy-it’s the first thing you do when you are born. we are reconnecting to that moment.